1. Give God thanks for being your mighty man of war who has never lost a battle. Bless His name for the strength of His arm that has delivered you from many troubles. (Hebrews 4:15-16; Isaiah 42:13; Luke 1:51) 

2. Cry out to the Lord to come in His might to deliver you from legal grounds of the enemy to cause delays and maintain ungodly patterns in your life. (Isaiah 49:24; Luke 11:21-22) 

3. Ask the Lord to deliver you from every covenant of hard labour by ancestral bondage and give you rest in Jesus name.  (Ezekiel  12:25; Isaiah 28:12, 55:11;Jeremiah 31: 25; Matthew 11:28) 

4. Declare that every handwriting of ordinances written against you is taken out of the way and nailed to the cross in Jesus name. (2 Samuel 21:1; Colossians  2:14; Zechariah 9:11) 

5. Pray that wasted months, seasons, years and opportunities in your life, will be restored by the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name.(Habakkuk 1:5; Numbers 14:21; Isaiah 14:24) 

6. Pray for a conversion of every delay you have experienced in times past to speedy results in the days ahead in Jesus mighty name. (Numbers 14:28; Zechariah 1:6) 

7. By the speakings of the blood of the lamb, contend for everything the blood of Jesus procured for you and declare total recovery of all that was lost. (Isaiah 22:22; Matthew 18:18,16:18-19; Nehemiah 4:14) 

8. Pray that every delayed prophetic word, vision and dream be activated by the Holy Spirit in your life. (Ezekiel 12:22-24; Psalm 37: 13; Luke 1:45) 

9. Pray the Lord to deliver you from every evil work, and preserve you from satanic limitations in Jesus name 

(2 Thessalonians 3:3; 2 Timothy 4:18; Isaiah 58:12) 

10. Declare that every foundational stronghold hindering you from breaking forth is destroyed by the power of God, causing you to triumph all round in 2024 in Jesus name.(2 Corinthians 2:16; Matthew 10:13)

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