1.  Bless the name of the Lord for the abundance of grace released during the fast and your expectations that will not be cut off in Jesus name. (Psalm 34:2-4,6,17; Isaiah 40:29-31; Psalm 29:1-2) 

2. Give God thanks for the  bands of wickedness that have been loosened in these 21 days, in Jesus name. (Isaiah 58:6; Psalm 29:3-4;  Acts 13:2) 

3. Give God thanks for heavy burdens that have been undone and the rest He has procured for us according to His Word. (Isaiah 58:6;  Exodus 5:5; Psalm 55:22) 

4.  Thank the Lord for relieving the oppressed and breaking the rod of the oppressor so that he is unable to afflict us anymore. (Isaiah 58:6, 9:4; Psalm 74:21) 

5.  Bless the name of our God for breaking yokes of wickedness and taking it off our necks. Thank Him for giving you His yoke which is easy. (Isaiah 58:6, 10:27; Matthew 11:30) 

6. Give the Lord praise for shedding His love abroad in your heart in these days of the fast, and  teaching you how to love your neighbour beyond lip service in Jesus name. ( Isaiah 58:7; Romans 5:5; 1John 3:17) 

7.  Declare that by reason of the breaking forth of light these last 21 days, you will no longer dwell in oblivion and every covering cast upon you to hide you is torn off in Jesus name. (Isaiah 58:8, 25:7; John 1:5; Genesis 1:3;  Matthew 4:16) 

8.  Give God thanks for taking away sickness from your midst and bringing forth health speedily in Jesus name. (Isaiah 58:8; Mark 5:29; Jeremiah 33:6; Exodus 23:25) 

9. Give Him thanks for making His glory your rear guard so that the enemy cannot have an advantage over you. (Isaiah 58:8; Proverbs  21:21; Psalm 85:13) 

10.  Thank God for giving His angels charge over you, keeping you in all your ways, strengthening you and encamping around you to bring deliverance. (Psalm 91:11, 34:7; Luke 22:43)

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